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Why choose SA Health for medical claims processing?

SA Health focuses on the intricate details needed with medical aid claims processing; we also know that more than being a vendor, we need to understand your business from a larger perspective and work towards a common goal. This attitude has helped us grow successful relationships. A few other reasons why we might be your ideal partner:

  • Strong processes followed with processing and filing claims
  • Our quality process ensures that minute bugs are screened ensuring higher success rates with claims
  • The medical claims processing software we use minimizes the time required for processing while also increasing the accuracy and security of sensitive patient data
  • Strict compliance with HPCSA regulations
  • Periodical reports on claims statuses as well as work-progress

SA Health – your ideal medical billing coding partner!

  • Daily processing and submission of claims for faster reimbursement
  • Reduce your operating costs by at least 40%
  • Submit 'clean' claims that result in fewer denials
  • Aggressive follow-up with payers for faster reimbursements
  • Highly competent billing specialists
  • Dependable services that will help you to focus on patient care

Each step of claims processing is meticulously done with several rounds of quality assurance to ensure every claim that is processed and submitted is error-free. Our medical billing process includes:

  • Medical aid Eligibility Verification
  • Patient Demographic Entry
  • ICD-10 Coding
  • Submission of Claims
  • Accounts Receivables Follow-up (Remittances)
  • Denial Analysis

Outsource Medical Billing Coding Services

Medical Billing

At SA Health, we are committed to processing claims with a high-level of precision. From the superbill to the encounter form sent to us, we enter patient demographic details, date of service, ICD codes with modifiers, and number of units. Any errors or lack of details can result in delays or denials. A Quality Check is done at two levels to ensure that the claims processed by our team are accurate.

SA Health's coding team consists of experienced billers with over 10 years of experience. All you need to do is scan the patient operative and consulting records. These documents are stored in our FTP server or scanned and emailed, or fetched from your offices. Our medical billing specialists download these files everyday and analyze the records. Codes are assigned as per the medical diagnosis and specialty. Our Quality Assurance team then checks the claims for:

  • Incorrect or missing ICD-10 diagnosis
  • Incorrect or missing modifiers
  • Incorrect or missing procedure codes

Medical Claims processing

Our medical billing team ensures a high-level of accuracy while processing each claim. At each step, two levels of Quality Assurance are done for precision. Incorrect and/or insufficient details are reasons for enormous delays or even denials by the payer.

Accounts receivables management

Diligent and aggressive follow-ups are important for quicker reimbursement. Our accounts receivables specialists can follow-up with insurance companies by phone, email etc. Payments are posted on to the billing software. Denials or partial payments are analyzed, appropriately corrected and the claims are re-submitted to the medical aids.

SA Health is capable of effectively and efficiently managing every stage of the medical billing process to ensure that each claim is paid for in full at the earliest date. We assure you increased revenue, reduced operational expenditure and a better cash flow. Outsource your Medical Billing requirements to SA Health and you no longer have to worry about submitting claims on time. We will process your claims daily and diligently follow-up on each claim to maximize your returns.

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