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Reliable Hospital Billing

Hospital Billing

Outsource Hospital Billing Services to SA Health

Outsource Hospital Billing services to SA Health save costs on infrastructure and in-house resources. SA Health can help you maintain an effective billing mechanism to receive payments and track expenses. The Hospital Billing team at SA Health has in-depth knowledge of the SA healthcare industry with extensive years of experience working with hospitals and medical practitioners and can help you increase your reimbursements by more than 20%.

Features of hospital billing services by SA Health

Hospitals require an error free operation; errors should be restricted to a maximum of 2% to achieve better rates of return. Our experience in working with medical practioners with a strict quality control process has consistently ensured low rates of errors for our customers. The features of SA Health's hospital billing and collection services include:

  • Accounts receivables management such as follow up on bills, collections reporting, follow-up with medical aids, denials analysis and re-billing
  • Data entry of patient information such as the Patients' Name, Present Address, City, Province, Code, NHI number, Employer Details, Medical aid Details like Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, and guarantee information
  • Entry of ICD codes and other charge entry details like Date of Service, Referring Doctor, Ordering Doctor, Place of Service, Type of Service, Modifiers, Authorization or Referral Details and Co-pay Details
  • EOB entry such as Patient Account Number / Patient Control Number, Patient Name, Date of Service, Procedure Code, Billed Amount , Allowed Amount, Adjusted Amount, Paid Amount, Deductibles and Denial Details

Why outsource hospital billing?

Hospitals and health care service providers, like any other organization, need to maintain an effective billing mechanism to receive payments and also track expenses. Conducting hospital billing services in-house is not only tedious but also expensive. Staff costs, administrative expenses and overheads towards infrastructure will be some of the costs that you will have to consider if you conduct hospital billing in-house.
If you'd much rather focus on providing better care for your patients and have some one else take care of maintaining your reimbursements, outsourcing your hospital billing services might be the solution you are looking for. Outsourcing brings direct cost savings on running a billing operation whilst saving costs on staff salaries and other overheads.
SA Health has been in the forefront in providing medical billing services coming with an acute knowledge of the healthcare industry. We have been working with various medical practitioners for over the years and can help you increase your reimbursements by more than 20%.

Medical standards followed at outsource to SA Health

  • We can work with all major medical billing software such as MedEDI, HealthBridge
  • We have extensive experience in ICD-10 coding
  • We're proficient in regulations related to Medical schemes, workers compensation, Preferred Provider organizations and indemnity insurers
  • Contact us to outsource hospital billing services.
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