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Guaranteed Peace Of Mind

You run a good practice.

Everything you do is focused on outstanding patient care and service. Your skill as a Medical practitioner is well respected by both your peers and your patients. Yet despite all this, your revenue is not what it should be. There are growing headaches with accounts receivable.

  • Billing is going out late.
  • Medical aid companies are not paying on time
    or at their negotiated rates.
  • Procedures are being denied incorrectly.
  • Patient balances are not being collected.
  • There’s no follow-up on outstanding claims.

And while the back office is doing well, your business office is floundering.

Sound familiar?

Many practices suffer the same situation. That is why more and more Medical practitioners are calling upon the expertise and experience of SA Health Medical Billing. We offer a variety of management services, yet we have one specific goal in mind: increase your revenue.

We accomplish this through accurate ICD-10 coding, correct procedure pricing, thorough Medical aid claims follow-up and timely patient balance collections. Within weeks, you will begin to see an impact. Your revenue will increase. Staff efficiency improves. Patient satisfaction increases. A good practice turns into a great one.

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